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Lvl 75 skirmish raid loot and drop locations (untested but seems correct)
Small Khellus 5y
Khellus14043Small Khellus 5y

Watcher Raid 28 June

Hola,Planning watcher raid for 28th June at 20:00GMT if thats a reasonable time for most happy to move it either way11 spaces remaining please sign up if you can I would like to get Shoulders or Helm :)Kind regards,Alainir
Small Alainir 5y
Alainir13218Small Alainir 5y

Raiding day

We need to figure out the best day for kin raids and if we shall have them or not on a regular basis. So please answer the poll.
Small Marielle 6y
Marielle63678Member avatar small Eogwen 6y
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