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Hi there, I'm Beorneth.I'm a student studying at college. Once I get my A-Levels I'll be going to Uni to study 3D CGI: Modelling and Animation at a Foundation level, later to be topped-up to Degree level.Going on a gap-year to China in the distant...
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Nooby :D

Hello I am Alainir the Defeated i joined the Kinship yesterday with my friend Theolawyn who I met a few months ago when I first started playing LOTRO.This is my main character and first so have got a lot to learn and many stupid questions will fol...
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Hi folks,A bit late in reaching this site. :)Seems this is the place to introduce myself.My name is Scott, I live in the North East of Scotland, married, two kids, work in IT. All very average "..nothing to see hear, let's move along.."Been playin...
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