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Keep getting bad rolls...

So... woke up this morning and couldn't start my computer anylonger... PANIC early in the morning... Started troubleshooting in all kinds of ways and I came to the conclusion my power supply unit burned out somehow...So if anyone thought I actuall...
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Filming of The Hobbit has started. :)

A small video blog by Peter Jackson.
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Fun stuff

Hail friends!!Just wanted to share some fun stuff i stumbled over when visiting Patrick Rothfuss website. There is a series called "The guild" on that i found rather funny. Its about a local online guild and their adventures...
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Hail friends

Hail Rangers!!Just wanted to congratulate on this shiny new site. Very cool and good looking. Also, thanks for letting me stay behind as a friend. Hope to see you all ingame again soon and Khell, how is that maid holding up ? Saw that it was sched...
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