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Khellus / May 19, 2012
Hi Guys,

I know the site has been quiet for a while and alot of people have been drifting in and out of the game for various reasons, but I thought i'd try and get some more activivty going within the kin.

Firstly, I am looking to start arranging more kin based events such as raids and instance runs with in the kin.

and Secondly I am looking to encourage more people to come here post news pictures or even vids of themselves.

If you have any suggestions then please let me know, otherwise see you in game.

Gamric / Feb 24, 2011
The transfer from Codemasters to Turbine has started, if you got the client installed you can open it to get a link to the transfer page or you can go directly to

I did it for my account and in the new Turbine account I could verify my subscription and my TP after the account had been created.

The servers are still in migration, but the account seems OK. :) See you all in the states soon.