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(Oct 06, 2013)
hey guys, long time ago, but I'll be checking numbers on monday evenings again and if enough, we can do some instance runs together; check your deed logs if you still need something, otherwise we just let fate decide which ones we do
(Jun 21, 2013)
summer break for kin instance mondays; i'll keep an eye on the numbers though and might start some spontaneous runs if enough people are around
(Jun 03, 2013)
good fun tonight, guys, thanks everyone for joining
(May 19, 2013)
i didn't post an event for tomorrow to give people the chance to further explore wiildermore; trying to get some things running again from next week
(May 12, 2013)
Been away from game and will be for a litte while, getting things going before summer, just to let people know you will not find me ingame :)
(May 11, 2013)
raid on May 13rd cancelled, U11 arrives that night
(May 11, 2013)
for those interested, check out farwyn's thread about neverwinter mmo and hopefully some grouping there :)
(May 09, 2013)
Neverwinter thread HOOOOOO
(May 08, 2013)
no worries, nief, numbers were that low that I had to cancel anyway
(May 07, 2013)
Sorry for the "noshow" last night. Wife is in sankt tropez and have left me with the logistics from hell ;-)
(May 01, 2013)
Having major graphic problems. :(
(Mar 25, 2013)
Oh damn! what time is it? have to go make some waffles........
(Mar 25, 2013)
Oooh, i see you´ve made a comeback to the cyberworld. WB!
(Mar 25, 2013)
(Mar 20, 2013)
Your beard got stuck in a fan or something Heaf? ;-)
(Mar 20, 2013)
Will do if i'm avalible for it.
(Mar 20, 2013)
mari, I added a new event for next monday; I hope to have my pc back at that time, but in case not, can you lead the run, please? much appreciated!
(Mar 19, 2013)
Really sorry for yesterday night, guys, my pc totally crashed and didn't get it back on; i'll try to fix it but might have to bring the pc to the shop for repairs;