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Mumble and TeamSpeak Server Hosting
(Nov 26, 2009)
Sorry guys, DKP is back up and running, ive added a donation tab as well so kinnies who want to can donate :)
(Nov 25, 2009)
Doh, I have to talk to Khellus about that I guess :)
(Nov 25, 2009)
Seems ads are in and dkps out :)
(Nov 24, 2009)
still no idea when i will be back as yet hopefully intime for the release of som fingers crossed
(Nov 24, 2009)
very good site job well done mate
(Nov 20, 2009)
ok guys, it seems my graphics card uber crashed and took my HD with it, waiting to get my pc repairs should be done in the next week or so, so hopefully will be back in time for SoM
(Nov 15, 2009)
The Raid from the 5th is updated.
(Nov 14, 2009)
I updated DKP with the turtles I held, the one for 5th of November was held by Marielle, need to get the attenance to update that... Fridays Rift still needs to be updated as well...
(Nov 09, 2009)
If you log on khell, is there any chance we can get the dkp sorted?
(Oct 31, 2009)
my pc is having some major graphics issies so prob wont be on tonight
(Oct 30, 2009)
(Oct 30, 2009)
Just click the Raid on the Calander, and then click the join raid button
(Oct 30, 2009)
how do you sign up for a raid
(Oct 30, 2009)
(Oct 30, 2009)
Sorry, not sure i can take part in todays raid, depends on how DN is goin.
(Oct 29, 2009)
hey kell, can u set parth as human? :)
(Oct 27, 2009)
nice work on the site
(Oct 26, 2009)
Blimey this is good.
(Oct 26, 2009)
Good job!
(Oct 26, 2009)