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(Mar 18, 2013)
Thank you, nice raiding tonight
(Mar 18, 2013)
welcome ryderic
(Mar 18, 2013)
Welcome Ryd!
(Mar 17, 2013)
Hi all and thank you for letting me join your kin
(Mar 11, 2013)
I will be a bit off the game for a while due to some rl stuff if you guys are wondering where I am will read forums .
(Feb 18, 2013)
I could also ask a friend of mine, he is ministrel though:D already have 3
(Feb 10, 2013)
damn ninja looter!!! hahahahh nice one, gamric :)
(Dec 24, 2012)
Happy Holidays :)
(Nov 05, 2012)
hahaa, although i doubt the last part was adressed to heaf ;)
(Nov 04, 2012)
Best guard vs ward comment ever: 'Wardens can survive far more damage, can solo much more, and are sexier.' xD
(Oct 16, 2012)
don't worry, farw, we all know you're a romantic soul deep within your sith heart :))
(Oct 15, 2012)
Hm, that page made me realize my name implies i'm a faramir/eowyn relationship fan xD not really...
(Oct 14, 2012)
angi is hiding in that hobbit family tree; never knew she's a baggins ;) nice thing, gam :)
(Oct 14, 2012)
Something for the lore people:
(Oct 03, 2012)
Try to get people for a raid on monday?
(Sep 17, 2012)
(Sep 17, 2012)
awh :(
(Sep 16, 2012)
The event for sep 17th is canceled because to few signups. :(