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(Aug 19, 2012)
Are people still on vacaions or is it time to think about scheduling events again? ;)
(Jul 30, 2012)
New thread, check out
(Jul 15, 2012)
that's why i play angmar nowadays :)
(Jul 13, 2012)
I had a visitor over this week, but should be available again for a while. looking at pics durring downtime at work, sigh good old times
(Jul 09, 2012)
I may be a little late, maybe 30 mins
(Jul 09, 2012)
khell and angw were coming too iirc, that's 7 already; no word from starlight yet; but let's give it a shot to gather enough people first;
(Jul 09, 2012)
Instance run instead?
(Jul 09, 2012)
Not enough people, guess no raid tonight
(Jul 05, 2012)
bad gamric bad
(Jul 05, 2012)
*runs and hides*
(Jul 03, 2012)
smooth run yesterday night, guys; good fun, well done all :)
(Jun 29, 2012)
angi? still alive? we're really running short on giggles right now :(
(Jun 26, 2012)
aye, was fun, a little exhausting though with all that running around in my long dress ;-)
(Jun 25, 2012)
hehe, was good fun tonight, guys; pity we didn't down him, but at least, i can tank him now :)
(Jun 18, 2012)
I loved to raid with kin after sooo long not playing! Might be able to come on the 25th too (if Spain is not playing, that is ;) )
(Jun 16, 2012)
I am so pleased it was someone else from this kin that won the scales.
(Jun 13, 2012)
Couldnt miss the kin raid when I saw it, but I really missed you Ang. Hope you have fun regardless :)
(Jun 12, 2012)
I just found something interesting....
(Jun 11, 2012)
I am glad he could join you guys :)