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(Jun 11, 2012)
nice run again, guys; and thx angi for bringing in tarelarien; good helper
(Jun 11, 2012)
;p the name is tarelarien, thangel
(Jun 11, 2012)
i have been talking to talerian, he is free to come help if needed. he has a burg, champ, mini and wrd, just give him a shout if needed.
(Jun 11, 2012)
not sure if i will make it tonight guys.
(Jun 10, 2012)
will be good to see you on monday Gam
(Jun 09, 2012)
(Jun 06, 2012)
It's always good to get humbled a bit first :p
(Jun 02, 2012)
aye was good fun that raid, was nice raiding with the kin shame about the first run but u cant win them all looking forward to the next one:)
(May 30, 2012)
yeah it was fun and I agree we should do that more, there is another raid planned for 11th of June (Monday) everyone who's lvl 75 is invited! (+Starlight) :D
(May 29, 2012)
good fun yesterday night, guys; have to do that more
(May 23, 2012)
np, nielborn needs some credit as well :)
(May 22, 2012)
welcome Angw, and thx Khell for setting up raids again
(May 20, 2012)
thanks guys:)
(May 20, 2012)
and hello gamric
(May 20, 2012)
hey angw, welcome :)
(May 19, 2012)
hey and welcome
(May 19, 2012)
Hey Gam, if your free were trying to pull a kin draigoch together
(May 19, 2012)
Hey, and welcome Angw :)
(May 18, 2012)
hi guys
(Feb 06, 2012)