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(Feb 06, 2012)
only 5 hours late..... Turbine's female?
(Feb 06, 2012)
pfff, great patching again, seems turbine blown up the server;
(Jan 05, 2012)
well have my new rig sorted, just sorting out the client
(Jan 03, 2012)
I check in every so often, you're just never on -.-
(Jan 03, 2012)
happy New Year everyone; and stop playing swtor and come back to lotro :)
(Jan 02, 2012) Feel free to check out my comic ;)
(Jan 01, 2012)
Happy New Year! /pets the cat cat=hangover
(Dec 31, 2011)
Happy New Year everyone!!
(Dec 28, 2011)
Merry xmas... sorry for abscence, playing SWTOR..
(Dec 24, 2011)
merry christmas guys
(Dec 21, 2011)
If someone missed it, the first trailer for The Hobbit is out now:
(Dec 18, 2011)
yes you should
(Dec 17, 2011)
Yes everyone come to Trask Ulgo. Remember him? A doomed red shirt that dies in the first 10mins of KOTOR 1..
(Dec 16, 2011)
playing at Trask Ulgo, already dtepped into Shazia
(Dec 15, 2011)
Yep, managed to get to lvl 11 after work and before I went to bed yesterday. :)
(Dec 14, 2011)
Ah ha good tip. Are you in yet?
(Dec 14, 2011)
I been told "Trask Ulgo" is popular with people from Laurelin, might be a choice if you want an RP server
(Dec 13, 2011)
ah server lists are up - was thinking a PvE RP one, the progenitor perhaps
(Dec 13, 2011)
hehe.. still waiting for my "early" access..
(Dec 13, 2011)
SWTOR guild deployment is done, I'll be playing on Frostclaw