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Mumble and TeamSpeak Server Hosting
(Dec 10, 2011)
Hope for a early start pre-code and client in place, and ofcourse no dark side
(Dec 09, 2011)
Tuesday... only pre-ordered last week so I will be probably only let in on the 19th..
(Dec 09, 2011)
Hopefully I should get Early Access on Tuesday and be able to let people know on what server Im on then. Will most likely make some light side chars as well ;)
(Dec 08, 2011)
Sith? Boo! Evil Gamric...
(Dec 08, 2011)
Will be in a Sith guild with some RL friends that usualy play WoW.
(Dec 07, 2011)
Sounds good Gam, which guild are you going in with? Am downloading client as we speak.
(Dec 07, 2011)
I'm going to be trying out SW:TOR with early access, I'll post when I know what server the guild Im in gets deployed to. Should be this week.
(Dec 07, 2011)
Anybody going to try SWTOR in the next few weeks? Would like to coordinate servers if you are
(Oct 29, 2011)
Guys, for those of you who raid have a look here for whoch skirmishes to do
(Oct 22, 2011)
Just have to share. "Rready player one" by ernest Cline!! READ IT!!
(Oct 19, 2011)
At least should get Trum Dreng 36/37 deed bug fixed
(Sep 29, 2011)
Thanks, Farwyn
(Sep 29, 2011)
in isengard
(Sep 29, 2011)
Check out my post for DEED THAT CAN BE MISSED
(Sep 27, 2011)
I bugged a mob a few times at the border between endwaith and dunland, resetting in by crossing the border while fighting it. Then my client crashed and now Im off to bed since I didnt get connections :)
(Sep 26, 2011)
connect damn it
(Sep 09, 2011)
oi, seems not only the slave but also the master returned from exile! good to have you back, eo; will see you after the weekend;
(Sep 08, 2011)
heya guys I'm back from Africa! Will log maybe tomorrow or else on sunday, everything fine here, looking forward to seeing you!