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(Sep 07, 2011)
hey spiro, were on fb now as well :)
(Sep 07, 2011)
Will be fun to have you back again Spiro :)
(Aug 25, 2011)
illegal in seven states... ill to ask angw about that
(Aug 24, 2011)
And sometimes when the kin seems empty, this might be the reason:
(Aug 14, 2011) I never payed much attention there, but this is GOLD, I mean This is Goblin-Town!
(Aug 13, 2011)
Hey guys, not sure if you guys are intrested but ive added a link to the rangers facebook page i set up years ago, still putting it together so let me know what you think
(Aug 01, 2011)
Hey Far or Mari, I will be on tonight, if you need me as minnie, again :)
(Jul 30, 2011)
If people havent seen it, there is server wide RP events coming up:
(Jul 29, 2011)
Hey Far or Mari, I will be on tonight, if you need me as minnie :)
(Jul 26, 2011)
Still away for a few days, havent got a decent connection to run the client on my laptop for all my vacation :)
(Jul 15, 2011)
Also watch 'Two Tiny Towers' while you're at it
(Jun 21, 2011)
break a leg and welcome back :)
(Jun 20, 2011)
heya all, this is only to say that our gig at friday was very good, doing another one on wednesday and hopefully might see ya on thursday! I'll be BACK!
(Jun 04, 2011)
hey guys :) how are y?
(Jun 02, 2011)
oh, let's try
(Jun 02, 2011)
You can log on Heaf, you'll have everything except TP and friends list
(Jun 02, 2011)
can't connect to world queue on laurelin. :(
(Jun 02, 2011)
since i started the migration yesterday night and it only show up in progress right now, i'll go catch some sunshine right now;